Showaflops on BuzzFeed!

Showaflops named a summer essential on BuzzFeed for being “perfect for the camp showers, pool, or a day on the town, Showaflops fashionable and functional flip flops will have your camp goer looking trendy while keeping germs away.”

Showaflops on Shoe-In Radio for Trendy Footwear 

Shoe-In Show travels to FFANY for this special show on the road, appropriately kicking off the show with the Footwear Fashion in Focus segment. Matt, Andy, and Christie meet with Jenn Rogien, curator of FFANY’s The Reveal, for her insight on deciding 2017’s newest trends and the stories behind the seven installations.

Showaflops on Celebrity Baby Trends for Best Summer Camp Essentials!

The editors at rounded up a few of their favorite things for summer camp fun – and Showaflops was listed! They write: “These fun flip flops are a summertime must-have because of the way they look, function and feel! They come in many different colors and patterns for girls and boys. Showaflops soles provide the best resistance to slipping on wet or slick surfaces, like the shower, and they have added holes to improve drainage and dry faster”

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Showaflops on CW39’s “Maggie’s Must Haves”

Showaflops on The Today Show (VIDEO)

Showaflops was featured on “The Today Show” as one of the hottest essentials for the summer, Memorial Day and for the beach. Watch the clip below with’s Amy E. Goodman on NBC’s “Today” explaining why you need Showaflops! Click here to watch the clip.

Beware- Don’t go into your dorm shower without reading this first!

Showaflops @ ENK childrens club

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Showaflops on The Fit RV

Showaflops: Making Campground Showers Less Gross…
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