A Tentative Return to Campus

The long-awaited return of students to schools throughout the nation comes with a level of uncertainty as to how social distancing measures will be enacted in classroom environments. As the end of the previous school year was completed in online spaces, many students and educators are eager, yet unsure of the transition to returning back to campus. To guarantee that school settings are kept safe, it is important that students and teachers not just practice social distancing guidelines but surround themselves with antibacterial and antimicrobial products.

For college students who are moving back into campus dorms, going the extra mile to ensure a safe and clean living situation will be essential. By introducing smart products into a dorm space, a student will preserve the health and safety of him or herself, as well as of classmates and instructors.

As significant as keeping a face mask on hand for social interactions are the shoes that you wear to the public showers in dorms and school gyms. Showaflops were designed with the college student in mind. The unique drainage hole design and antimicrobials of these shoes will help protect your feet against the mold, fungus, and bacteria that can be found on the floors of these public areas. With slip resistant soles and drainage holes that promote quick drying, Showaflops are a back to school essential for dorming students in the age of the coronavirus pandemic.

Here is a selection of Showaflops styles to compliment your on-campus housing experience!

You can find Showaflops products on Amazon and OCM. They are also sold at Bed Bath & Beyond under the Aquaflops and SALT brand names.


Image Source: iStock.com/AntonioGuillem