About Us

Our Vision

We couldn’t wait to get back and start to work on a solution. At Showaflops, we felt there was a void in the market for a safe, bacteria fighting, quick drying flip flop. We researched foot problems relating to fungus and bacteria, and how to prevent them. Hundreds of flip flops were tested to see what felt and fit the best. We tried dozens of different soles to see what provides the best resistance against slipping on wet or slick surfaces. We added unique proprietary holes to improve drainage and faster drying. The final challenge was to make Showaflops totally unique looking.

With over 40 years of combined experience in fashion design and manufacturing, we wanted to fill the need for multi functional and cool shower to street footwear. Showaflops has created its own category. We have developed flip flops and slides that even the most fashion conscious and finicky wearer wants! Anyone and everyone who tries them on HAS TO HAVE a pair (or two). Our customers love the feel, look, and comfort of a Showaflop, and now everyone can help to protect their feet while staying stylish.

Our Story

Showaflops started as a solution to a dirty problem. When our first tour of a college dorm included a stop at the bathroom showers, Evelyn (a self proclaimed germ-a-phobe) noticed the shower floors and recoiled in horror – there were hairballs, dirt, and mold all over. She had an epiphany about entering any public shower without protection for one’s feet. The problem was that most shower shoes are uncomfortable, slippery, and most importantly, lacked a coolness factor. We listened to stories from college students who were staying in the dorms about the many things that took place in the dorm showers… it wasn’t a pretty picture. At that moment, the idea for Showaflops was born!