Gifts for your High School Grad!

It’s amazing how fast 4 years seems to go. It seems like just yesterday they were running into their new high schools, glad to be considered ‘adults’! They’ve been working hard and making countless memories; football games, recitals, exams, proms, and more. Somehow our kids have managed to grow up right before our eyes, and senior year is now over. And although it’s been a crazy end to the semester, our grads still deserve to be celebrated!

The next big step is right around the corner. And whether it’s going to college, taking a gap year for travel, or even doing a mission trip, it’s our job to support their dreams! Soon enough it will be time to start packing up and moving on to the next journey.

Showaflops make a perfect gift for your grad! We all know college campuses can be a big jump. And it's important that we give them all the tools that they may need. Showaflops make the ultimate college dorm and shower shoes, with antibacterial holes to ensure your grad's health!

So whether it’s for shower shoes, beach shoes, or maybe just a cool new accessory, Showaflops offers a variety of styles and colors so your grad can journey on in style!