Summer 2020 Must-Haves

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, in person gatherings are few and far between. We have compiled a list of comfortable and stylish footwear that we believe will add some flair to your daily walks, grocery store runs, and plain old in-home lounging.

Take a walk on the wild side with these sandal styles that will let you socially distance and participate in the seemingly never-ending animal print trend:

Leopard Platform Slide

Splatter Snake flip flops

For the people who cannot stand to walk around barefoot in the house, we have just the thing for you. Here are some styles that will allow you to comfortably and stylishly pad around your homes without fear of tracking in outside germs since they contain Antimicrobials:

Silver Neoprene Slides

Slides (available in Black, Marble, Striped Striated, Grey/Orange, and more)

    We understand that working from home with no end date in sight tends to incite a lack of motivation and productivity. Some people recommend dressing up as a way to inspire productivity, lift spirits, and maintain some semblance of structure. Here are some stylish options to pair with your work from home outfits:

    Slip on Loafers (available in Black/Lime and Olive Neoprene)

    Boat Shoes (available in Navy, Black, or Olive)

    Star Espadrille (available without the star)

    Please tag us as you experiment with the fun, bold prints in our shoe selection. We are so excited to see your style pairings!